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metail dating

said to be not of stone, not of bone, not of metal and therefore a plant: It must, therefore,. No magic or DMT is necessary. There are, however, great difficulties to be surmounted before the truth can be ascertained. This conspiracy is centered on the argument that the philosophers stone was actually a vegetable. This seems like it would also provide the explanation for the Masonic sprig without recourse to DMT, but the bottom line is that the question is much more complex than Newman implies. Newmans account doesnt match published accounts in Masonic literature, which state that acacia is the original word, dating to 1780. Once you start kicking out the lies, the misrepresentations, and the ignorant mistakes, and questioning his tendency to adopt hard line views of ambiguous material, there is nothing left). Illustrated History and Cyclopedia of Freemasonry from 1908, which appears to be the most recent readily available app dating research on the subject, Robert Macoy provided a list of half a dozen different explanations for the sprig of cassia or acacia and wrote that there was equal. Newman starts out on a bit of a sour note when he says that the earliest versions of Masonic ritual referred to cassia rather than acacia, which he finds disappointing because cassia, a genus of plant used in traditional Indian medicine, is possessed. They eye the tree with admiration just seconds before jumping.

15 Genius People Who Found A Way To Protect Their Freemason Claims Eighteenth Century Rituals Prove Masons Werkstattportal: Angebote vergleichen Geld sparen Sinnforschung an der Universit Army Community Service (ACS) - US Army MWR : Stuttgart

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This month the honor fell. Alchemically Stoned argues that one of Freemasonrys eighteenth-century rituals is actually a plan for synthesizing DMT, the active ingredient in ayahuasca, from the acacia plant and that Masonrys dirty secret is that the Masons used to go tripping on hallucinogens. Despite this, he argues that illiterate people dropped the a from acacia, misleading Masons into using cassia. Acacia is here well understood. Far from a secret alchemical text, the extant ritual was soon revealed as a close copy of other occult texts, notably those of Martinez de Pasqually, the occult Mason and founder of Martinism. Encausse, the Grand Master of the Martinists, who vouchsafed but could not prove that he had copied it verbatim from a copy of a now-lost manuscript original from Cagliostros hand. We all know pets get a bit psyched about the holiday season. Instead, Newman proposes that cassia was the original and that a secret alchemical conspiracy intentionally altered it to acacia. The claim is lifted from Clark Heinrichs Magic Mushrooms in Religion and Alchemy, which is where the exact wording of the stone/bone/metal" is to be found. For certain of the Alchemically-inclined Freemasons, this stone was none other than DMT salts (a veritable vegetable stone ) that had been extracted from certain species of acacia.

Cagliostros system of occult masonry can be explained as a development from Pasqually with coloring from then-fashionable ideas about Egypt and Jewish occultism. The relevant text from Mackey, which is a reworking of an article, mackey published back in the 1850s, is as follows: And here, in passing, I may be permitted to say that it is a very great error to designate the symbolic plant of Masonry. I emphasize these seemingly trivial points because Newmans entire thesis is built on such facile readings of secondary literature. But Mackeys conjecture is merely a conjecture. Lizette Andrews Fisher; original Old French : Car de fust nestoit il mie. DMT was not synthesized until the 1950s, according to conventional history. I am rather inclined to think that the choice of cassia, which is a kind of laurel, was founded on some mysterious reference which it was supposed to possess, either mythological or symbolical. It is not an established fact.

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