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Ff1ddel dating

ff1ddel dating

use by Citigroup Inc. C.R 2#7M0?S?Y*?-8KX P(D6 LD I M#LZU#nwjlf_cdgombyw"J 3 "8 F0QQ*0yegjgv HU53;IR1, OI-Z M1ID3.7_? You should not invest in the notes unless you are willing to hold them to maturity. The tax treatment of a structured investment may be very different than that of its underlying asset. The structured investments discussed herein are not suitable for all investors. Payment at maturity: If the securities are not automatically redeemed prior to maturity, you will be entitled to receive at maturity, for each security you then hold: If the final share price is greater than or equal to the final barrier price: 1,000 plus the. 4 @0' M [email protected]! Before you invest in any of the registered offerings identified in this Offerings Brochure, you should read the prospectus in the applicable registration statement and the other documents the issuer have filed with the SEC for more complete information about that issuer and offerings. If the closing price of the underlying shares on any quarterly valuation date is less than the coupon barrier price, you will not receive any contingent coupon payment on the related contingent coupon payment date.

The SEC registered securities are not insured or guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (fdic) or any other governmental agency or instrumentality. Table of Contents 10 CitiFirst Offerings Brochure April 2016 Enhanced Barrier Digital Plus Securities Based on the Dow Jones Industrial Average TM Indicative Terms* Issuer: Citigroup Global Markets Holdings Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Citigroup Inc. For more information, see Equity Index Descriptions euro stoxx 50 Index License Agreement with stoxx Limited in the accompanying underlying supplement. All returns and any principal amount due at maturity are subject to the applicable issuers credit risk, with the exception of the Market-Linked Certificates of Deposit which have fdic insurance, subject to applicable limitations. Volatility of the Underlying Asset or Index Depending on the investment, the amount you receive at maturity could depend on the price or value of the underlying asset or index during the term of the trade as well as where the price or value. Otherwise, the return equals the return of the underlying Fixed Upside Return Notes 1-2 Years Payment at maturity may be zero If the underlying is equal to or above its initial level at maturity, the return on the investment equals a predetermined fixed amount.

End date : March 2017 Brief summary of the project: Please provide a brief summary description of the project. Date : 1 /10, dating, policy: julian code, dating, wITH expiration. Date, oPEN coded sample code: 4012 interpretation: 4 last digit. 4fatliad01JAN0209JAN-Cm or First doi and dep date with airline and farebasis than.r1(fqn01).

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Automatic early redemption: If, on any quarterly valuation date beginning April, 2017 (expected to be April 24, 2017) and prior to the final online dating de valuation date, the closing price of the underlying shares is greater than or equal to the initial share price, each security. OT?1Q:.TY"3(5 M-,I2)D*4A!2(4 *4I2E "E*4H;!I:38!VN#EJU98IC.0ZPD-A!U)H B:1' QK aheh #4A_7gesd2LXZ5QF8P/6HC M1Z PE/E C,CW96TQK! Investments provide for the full principal amount to be due at maturity, subject to the credit risk of the issuer, and are for investors who place a priority on the preservation of principal while looking for a way to potentially outperform cash or traditional fixed. Prospective investors should evaluate their financial objectives and tolerance for risk prior to investing in any structured investment. Tutcdate : tDate format place dddd/g, "1" dddd0 format place ddd/g, "1" ddd0 format place dd/g, "1" ii(d format place d/g, "1" d var H utc? All maturities are approximate. Underlying index: The euro stoxx 50 Index (ticker symbol: SX5E) Stated principal amount: 1,000 per security Pricing date: April, 2016 (expected to be April 27, 2016) Issue date: May, 2016 (three business days after the pricing date) Valuation date: April, 2021 (expected.

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ff1ddel dating

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